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NéVetica™ App

"The Entire Pet Industry At Your Fingertips"

In today’s world, every minute is of the essence! The NéVetica™ Pet Store gives every pet parent 24hr easy access to everything your pet needs and wants.

Our site will be filled with cutting edge technology, toys, carrying bags for small dogs, beds, crates, leashes, and much much more!

All of these items will be conveniently delivered to your doorstep and can be ordered via our NéVetica™ App or our Website.

NéVetica™ App

The NéVetica™ App is a feature that sets our company apart from the others. Our comprehensive application uses cutting edge technology to improve the lifestyle and knowledge of pets worldwide through education and premium products. Our app puts the Entire Pet Industry Right at Your Fingertips! A One Stop Shop for your pet's needs...

NéVetica™ App features include:

A. Free Pet Assessment

B. Six Functions within the App

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