Free Pet Assessment

Free Pet Assessment

1) What is your pets name?
1) Estimated birthdate of your dog?
(If you don't know your pets special date, we'd love to make today their birthday.)

2) What is the species of your pet?
2) What is the breed of your pet?
(If you have a mixed breed, select the dominant breed)
3) What is the estimated weight of your pet?
6) How would you describe your pets weight?

4) What is the sex of your pet?

5) How old is your pet?

7) Is your pet pregnant?

8) Is your pet on any medication? If yes, what type of medication and for what issue? Please select all that apply from the choices below.

9) Does your pet suffer from anxiety issues?

10) Is your dog a competition dog, housedog or service dog?

11) What is your pets energy level?

12) How much direct sunlight does your pet get a day?

13) What is the current season where you live?

14) Is your dog afraid of thunder?

15) What are your dogs allergies?

16) What do you currently feed your dog the most?

17) Does your pet eat grass?

18) Does your dog eat stool?

19) Does your dog suffer from mobility issues?

20) After rest does your dog have stiffness?

21) Based on the pictures below, which best depicts your dogs teeth?
22) Does your dog have bad breath?

23) How often do you clean your dogs teeth?

24) Does your dog urinate in the house?

25) Does your dog poop in the house?

26) Based on the scale below, how impactful is your pets smell to your home?

27) Does your dog chew on personal or household items (furniture, shoes, etc.)?

28) How often do you wash your dog?

29) How long does it take for your dog to start smelling after a bath?

30) Does your dog shed?

31) Does your dog have rashes?

32) Does your dog itch often?

33) Does your dog bite his paws?